Meet Our Team

Jaime Jacobsen

Jaime Jacobsen is a documentary filmmaker who tells stories that cultivate conversation on contemporary social, environmental, and humanitarian issues

Katie Abrams

Katie Abrams’ expertise is at the intersection of strategic communication and food system and natural resources issues.

Joe Champ

Joe Champ’s research focuses on the intersection of communication, culture, and the natural world.

Ashley Anderson

Ashley Anderson’s research examines the role of communication in how people form opinions about and engage with scientific and environmental issues.

Marilee Long

Marilee Long’s research interests are in health and science communication. In health communication, she studies the use of messages to encourage attitudinal and behavioral change.

Samuel Tham

Samuel Tham is a researcher with a keen interest towards media psychology, especially in digital advertising in the areas of avoidance and approach. 

Gaya Sivakumar

Gaya Sivakumar’s research interests are in the intersection of health communication and digital media. She studies how people learn from mediated information.

Jamie Folsom

Jennifer “Jamie” Folsom’s research focuses on the interaction of technology and culture. She takes an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to science communication

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